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'Go Natural' With Wool Carpets

If you love the feel and look of natural fibers in your home decor, then choose from our premier-quality woolen carpets. Being extremely strong and durable, wool carpets retains its appearance longer than nylon or synthetic carpets.

Visit Dawson's Floor Fashions at 2958 Cold Springs Rd to check out the popular brands of wool carpets that we carry. Multiple color options available.
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Give Your Home a New Look With Our Durable Wool Carpets

Wool carpet typically has superior wear, and it is also naturally fire retardant and self-extinguishing. Wool's natural soil and stain resistance allows for it to entail less cleaning than synthetics. Stop by our showroom to find that perfect hassle-free wool carpet you have been looking for. 
Make a visit to our showroom during our business hours. We're open from Monday through Friday!
Call us at 530-622-3798 to schedule an appointment for weekends.
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